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Apply Online

If it is inevitable that you need to apply for a UAE visa in advance, you can do this only through the Emirates website. Through the services offered by this website, you will be able to obtain an E-visa which you can use whether you’re stopping by or travelling to Dubai. The step-by-step process is conducted online which means that you don’t have to submit your passport and get a UAE visa stamped on it.

You can only use this service if you’ve book a flight with Emirates airline. Other requirements to benefit from this service:

  • • Passport validity of at least 6 months
  • • A confirmed booking with Emirates (booking with other carriers also makes you eligible for this service)
  • • You have to submit your application at least 4 working days in advance before your scheduled flight date. It is recommended to apply even earlier than that.

Other Ways to Apply for an Emirates UAE Visa

For those who have a relative who is a UAE resident, your relative can simply apply for a UAE visa on your behalf. Check out this link for more information, and this website gives more information about other types of sponsors.

US Citizens

Citizens of the United States of America have the option to apply for a 1 to 10 years multiple entry visas at the UAE embassy in the US. You can acquire a UAE Visa for free; however, a sponsor is mandatory.

German Citizens

Unlike US citizens, German citizens have the option to apply for a 1 or 2 year multiple entry visas (visa costs AED 1500) at the UAE embassy in Germany without a sponsor. This visa enables its bearer to stay in the UAE for 3 months/year maximum.

Fines for Overstaying your Visa

• Tourist – AED 200 for the 1st day of overstay (AED 100 each consecutive day)
• UAE Residents – AED 125 for the 1st day (AED 25 for each subsequent day)

Note: UAE Residents have 30 days grace period after visa expiration to either amend their status and get another residence visa or leave the country.

e-Visa Issuing Service

The UAE Government offers online and offline facilities to check your visa validity and track your visa application. You can: